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Connect. Grow.

Institute of Deeper Learning support individuals and teams to grow in meaningful and intentional ways. 

50 Cards, Endless Possibilities.



Create Shared




Translating vision into practice

Are you seeking to nurture the growth and unlock the potential of yourself, your team, or your organisation? Do you have a shared language that empowers you and your team to have meaningful discussions? Are you looking for simpler ways to design actionable plans for the future? This is your Permission to Innovate!


What We Offer

We work with individuals and teams in a range of different ways, we are all unique and come from different contexts, and that's our mindset when we begin our journey together. 

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Deeper Learning Toolkit

Our original and signature toolkit. 50 cards and 30 launchpads that form a rich Professional Learning discussion framework that can be personalised to your learning communities unique context.

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Deeper Culture Toolkit

Whether its developing a strategic plan for your organisation or exploring ways to grow your team, this toolkit provides the perfect opportunity to develop a shared language and a thriving culture.

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Deeper Leadership Toolkit

Deepen your understanding of skillsets required to reach your full potential and achieve greater success in all aspects of life, perfect for planning your personal or professional growth.

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Deeper Growth Workshops

Tailored professional learning that empowers you or your team to develop a culture of growth and life-long learning.

The Deeper Ecosystem

Educational Institutes

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Corporate Organisations

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Built for Leaders,
by Lifelong Learners

Our mission is to rethink old paradigms & consider what it will take to design growth opportunities that promote deeper questioning and authentic solutions. Utilise our tools to start a growth journey with endless possibilities, or our frameworks for teams to dig deep into the concepts that are most pertinent to them, coupled with our personalised, innovative tools to capture rich professional discussions.


Actionable Plans

Total Design

Who We Are
Unlocking Potential

At the Institute of Deeper Learning, we support teams to grow in meaningful and intentional ways. Our mission is to empower you and your team to master the concepts, language, and design of deeper learning experiences.

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Institute - We are a dynamic collective, striving to learn and grow together, that shares knowledge, supports each other's growth, and fosters a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and creativity, for a stronger community. It takes a village!

Deeper - Unpacking ideas, challenging assumptions, and generating new, authentic, ideas, requires a willingness to question conventional wisdom and explore new perspectives. We embrace a culture of intellectual curiosity, agency, experimentation, and risk-taking, leading to positive change.

Learning - Through lifelong, active learning, we can expand our horizons, deepen our understanding, and discover new passions. This lifelong learning also helps us to stay relevant in our personal and professional lives, adapt to new challenges, and maintain a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

What People Say

“The Deeper Learning Toolkit is very useful for excellent conversations among teachers about new possibilities in teaching and learning.”

Yong Zhao,

University of Kansas

“The toolkit has completely transformed the way I work with my team of Heads of Departments and how we improve learning and teaching across the college. A total gamechanger!”

Head of Teaching and Learning K-12, Australia

“Michael has been mentoring me since 2020 and we've developed a culture of growth at our school, students and staff have never been happier and more engaged.”

Deputy Principal,


Get Ready to Join our Tribe of Innovators, Culture-Shakers, Dreamers, Thinkers & Storytellers.

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