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A Summit for Female Changemakers

A one-day student leadership summit that provides primary (Yr5-6) & secondary school (Yr8-10) girls with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, practice wellbeing, and engage with mentors, in a supportive and interactive environment.


This summit curates a safe space for young female leaders to connect, learn, and grow, enabling them to put their leadership skills into practice today, fearlessly pursue their goals, and create a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Leadership. Self-Care. Empowerment.

At the Institute of Deeper Learning, we are committed to empowering and nurturing the growth of young female leaders through active learning. The summit is designed to equip these young women with the confidence and tools necessary to overcome challenges, break down barriers, and create positive change in their communities. Students will experience:

  • Inspirational keynotes

  • Hands-on workshops, unpacking their leadership superpowers, understanding wellbeing, and building self-confidence

  • Follow-up activities

Summit Schedule

Opening (9:30am)


Session 1 - Welcome & warm up game

Session 2- Spark Talk - Wellbeing in leadership

Session 3 - Activity - Identifying my strengths 


Morning tea break

Session 4 - Spark Talk - Growing confidence


Session 5 - Activity - Growing confidence


Lunch break


Session 6 -Activity - Closing the loop


Close (2:10pm)

Pricing: $550 + GST per school (10 students + teachers)


If you wish to extend the invitation to additional students at your school, please contact us via:

Gold Coast - 20/2 (primary) 21/2 (secondary)
Sydney - 29/2 (primary) 1/3 (secondary)
Sunshine Coast - 4/3 (primary) 5/3 (secondary)
Perth - 12/3 (primary) 13/3 (secondary)
Sydney West - 13/5 (primary) 14/5 (secondary)
Bongkok - 16/5 (primary) 17/5 (secondary)
Adelaide - 22/5 (primary) 23/5 (secondary)

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Logo & Components - Fearless Futures.png
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