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A one-day student leadership summit that provides primary (Yr5-6) & secondary school (Yr8-10) girls with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, practice wellbeing, and engage with mentors, in a supportive and interactive environment.


This summit curates a safe space for young female leaders to connect, learn, and grow, enabling them to put their leadership skills into practice today, fearlessly pursue their goals, and create a brighter future for themselves and their community.


$550 + GST per school

(10 students + teachers)


The interactive day will consist of:

- Inspirational keynotes

- Hands-on workshops around unpacking their leadership superpowers, understanding  wellbeing, & building self-confidence

- Fun, laughter, & friendship building


Price excluding GST (charged at checkout).


2024 Dates

Gold Coast - 20/2 (primary) 21/2 (secondary)

Sydney - 29/2 (primary) 1/3 (secondary)

Sunshine Coast - 4/3 (primary) 5/3 (secondary)

Perth - 12/3 (primary) 13/3 (secondary)

Sydney West - 13/5 (primary) 14/5 (secondary)

Bangkok - 16/5 (primary) 17/5 (secondary)

Adelaide - 22/5 (primary) 23/5 (secondary)

Fearless Futures: A Summit for Female Changemakers

  • Fearless Futures: A Summit for Female Changemakers (school pass)

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